Two Main Principles of SEO Website Planning

nicolos | 2016-11-30 21:39:11

When planning website, we need to follow some principles, in order to avoid shifting the main subject, incomplete consideration, the lack of feasibility. Generally website in the planning and design need to follow two principles.

Follow The Main Goal

The goal of building the site, the starting point needs to be reflected in the planning of the site, otherwise it will cause "partial title" phenomenon, leading to the planning site is not the same as the original idea, it lost the meaning of building site. For example, companies need to strengthen the promotion in internet, enhance the corporate brand, increase sales channels of enterprise products. In the planning of the enterprise website, they need to obey these two objectives, give full consideration to how the corporate website reflects the enterprise brands and products. You can display the company's introduction, honor and qualification in the site navigation bar and an important position, while strengthening the enterprise product display, such as adding online consulting, online ordering and other functions.

Comprehensive and Practical Consider

This is the inspection of the webmaster's comprehensive ability. Because the site planning involves many aspects, different sites involved will be different. For the novice webmaster, because there is no rich experience in web site planning, there may be many problems, there are two main common aspects: One is not considered comprehensive, many webmasters in the beginning of planning site will meet this problem, which can only be summed up through continuous practice experience to improve themselves. Another aspect is to ensure that the planned site program is feasible, which both new and old webmasters should pay attention to this. The errors often meet is in the technical aspect, user requirements aspect, market positioning aspect, the economic aspect. In technical aspect, mainly because of planning technical requirements can not be achieved, beyond the current stage of the technical level, indicating that the webmaster's relevant website technical knowledge is not enough. In user requirements aspect, the problem is mainly targeting the wrong user group requirements. In market positioning aspect, the problem is mainly the lack of enough knowledge of the market that website face. The economic aspect problem refers to the human and material resources, which beyond the existing strength.

Therefore, the site planning need to follow the above two principles, avoid the site have some problems in the planning stage, which are important factors that affects the site is online and the success.