Relationship between Website Domain Name and SEO

nicolos | 2016-12-07 22:08:32

If you are a newbie in building site, you must want to have a good start. From domain name registration to website design, you must follow the SEO standards. Then the problem came. What kind of domain name is helpful for SEO? For the user, as long as they can remember it or save the URL for the next visit to the site; but for our SEO workers, which is not enough. A good domain name generally contains the following points:

1. Easy to Remember
If a domain name is easy to remember, it is often easier for users to remember and spread. It can not only have popular support and spread fast, it saves a lot of costs to promote and market. 

2. The Brand
In internet era, the company's brand awareness is more and more important, having a domain name which can represent the corporate brand image is also more and more important. It represents the uniqueness and authority, also easy to spread and memory. Such as: where the customer Eslite vancl.com, complete domain name: Dangdang.com, Jingdong Mall: jd.com, Baidu: baidu.com, English domain name: Lenovo: www.lenovo.com.cn

Domain name type: digital: 2345 site navigation, phonetic type: Baidu, Taobao, Jingdong, hybrid: hao 123 site navigation, happy network (kaixin001)

The role of domain names in SEO operations:

A good domain name in the SEO operation has the following advantages:

1. The user memory low cost: simple and good domain name is easy to be memory and spread, more likely to attract visitors' return to the site, increaseing the site's user returning rate, reducing churn rate.

2. Good impression to search engine. If a site use a bad record domain name, then your site will enter the search engine review period, and the review cycle is very long. During the review period your site will not get any ranking, is not conducive to SEO results.

3. Keyword Matching. If you are ready to use the keyword spelling as a domain name. Such as: ganxidian.com (dry cleaners) (jianfeiyao.com) diet pills. Using such a domain name to rank corresponding keyword also has a great advantage. Because the keyword and domain name match very well.

4. If you have a old domain name keyword you are prepared to optimize in your industry, the SEO advantage will be more obvious, because the old domain name itself has certain advantages. Search engines will give certain page strength to these have a good record. The old domain name itself has some external link resources. Including and ranking cycle will be shorter than the new domain name.

5. The domain name suffix as much as possible to choose the popular and common one, such as: .com .cn .net com.cn and so on), try to avoid those(.so .biz) relatively rare domain suffix. This will increase the user's trust and memory.

6. Whether the domain name has the record. This aspect has no significant effect on the search engine rankings. But we can not expect the future, with the search engine algorithm updates, it may add this kind of requirement. If domain name has no record, the domestic space is not available, can only be used on the server space in foreign countries. Of course, if the site users are domestic, using the domestic space, then website access speed will be relatively fast, which is also very helpful for SEO.

7. Select a good domain name registrar. This will affect stability of the domain name resolution, speed, security and privacy protection. Recently there appeared a wide range of domain name resolution attacks, which had a bad impact on a lot of sites' ranking. It is because the domain name security resolution is not good enough.