4 Factors Determine Whether Your Site Life or Death

nicolos | 2016-09-29 23:58:09

When webmasters do site optimization, they will inevitably encounter a variety of problems. In fact if you learn a little, these problems can be solved easily. But there are four factors that can directly determine your site life or death. Website optimization is good or bad depends on these:

First, the content

Content is king, we all said to do website SEO need original, original content is king. In fact, this understanding is one-sided. You should stand in the user's point of view. You should know what your site can provide to users, what valuable content? How would you provide, with personal or team power? This is one of the page strength determinants, I understand that you need to give users some aspects of the valuable content, you must become a specialist in a certain area. This is the old webmasters often say, do not do big and extensive, but fine and small.

Second, SEO internal link 

What I want to say is internal link, which site have good internal link? Wikipedia is a model. The essence of the Internet is a link, you do a very professional website, the site internal link, do internal link for all the keywords of the professional content scope, the page strength of your site will be greatly improved. From the user point of view, doing a good internal link will help users find the relevant information. Provide a user experience.

Three, SEO external link

Speaking of external link, you should figure out these issues like the type of external link and the way to access to external link. Now the situation is that most of the webmaster's main external link rely on their own release. The methods include article submission, comply with one principle: links form high page strength sites and related content are high quality; the more difficult to get, the higher quality of the links, the easier to get, the lower quality of the links.

Fourth, the updates and write method of the article content

The fourth point, back to the content. First talk about the frequency of updates. Secondly, I want to talk about article writing notes.

When doing site optimization, especially pay attention to these factors. Doing SEO comply with these points, I believe your site will be good!