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viber nilto 2024/06/25 08:35:03 0 0
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TenTen Words 2019/10/08 02:33:15 0 0
HiCan I create a video with text and audio (TTS from text provided) with click of a button?The text will appear and transition with the audio.Example is story of 3 little pigs.Can I create a video (with text and audio and a black background) with the text provided?After looking through your demo videos, It seems that [Script] and [Audio - TTS...
neerajvijay 2019/07/02 13:59:59 0 0
Is there any option to use image in the video from the imageurl present in one of the xml_items.I want to create video using datasource where all the content is present. I am able to do so. But there is no option to get image in video using the image url.Please suggest how this can be possible.
tunesontunes 2019/03/16 15:22:39 0 0
I'm on the 3-day trial and am wondering if it is possible to automatically create videos using the sound from a recently uploaded YouTube video? From there, I'd like the software to create multiple videos using new backgrounds, but keep the sound and be able to automatically upload to multiple YouTube channels. Is this possible?         
phpnooby 2019/02/13 21:22:09 0 0
Hi:When is the next update with more improvements?
phpnooby 2019/02/12 22:47:58 0 0
Hi , can i add video backgrounds to each slide ?can i make  1:1  and 16:9  video size ?
[email protected] 2018/06/05 22:25:06 0 0
Hello, Sorry in advance for my level of English, the French are often bad in foreign languages. I am a former and loyal customer of whitehatbox. I have already purchased the...
mokote 2018/09/29 16:41:39 1 0
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surfmore 2018/09/23 05:23:18 1 1
Does videotweeter create videos with BR-PT voice from script?Also, does the software really work without babysitting every half an hour? Because I had experience with other software that is not usable because it stops all the time to work.
veloro 2017/06/16 02:34:25 1 0
Hi, do you people have any sample videos made from using Content samurai Pro?
Adrian David Cheok 2018/05/09 19:15:14 1 0
I want to post video to multiple twitter accounts
Luqman Hakim 2018/03/24 18:00:32 1 0
Hello,I am just curios Does videotweeter have ZOOMING and PANNING effect for each image slide ? thanks
PolarKam 2017/11/20 00:44:04 0 0
Hello;I have purchased a license and am trying to use my own voice to record an audio.  The microphone works perfectly with other s/w, but nothing is recording in Video Tweeter.Any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks.Mark
seo 2017/08/02 09:44:50 0 0
Hey There,Congratulations on launching the new software. Hopefully I'm your first paying customer for it :). I like the application so far, but here are my feature requests, and possible bug reports:Bug: On the "Script area", the window isn't large enough, so the "Next" button, isn't within view.Feature Request System Fonts: I have a lot of really nice fonts on my computer, can...
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